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      Commercial Chassis

      Pierce Commercial Fire Truck Chassis

      Chassis that meet Pierce standards.



      An unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and safety has made us selective about our suppliers. Pierce builds on commercial chassis from five leading manufacturers: Freightliner, International, Kenworth, Peterbilt, and Ford. Our range of products starts with a robust stock program with limited option availability, allowing for rapid delivery and competitive pricing. This offering expands to a configurable build-to-order program that is highly customizable. 

      Pierce’s commercial flexibility streamlines production and engineering for smaller, rural departments, while still offering product diversity for larger municipal, government, and international customers.

      Pierce Commercial Fire Truck Chassis Overview


      Pierce FXP Program

      Pierce FXP Program

      The FXP pumper program is an engineered package that is designed to incorporate many desirable features as standard, and still have a very competitive price. Standard features include an aluminum body with high side spatter painted compartments on each side, LED lights, roll-up doors, enclosed ladder storage, wrap-around tail lights, and a full width hosebed. The 1,250 gpm pump is inside a 34" pumphouse, with easy access low height speedlays, and a full sized cargo area above. Get larger over-wheel compartments and rubrails, with passenger’s side upper compartments that are a full 13" deep.

      The FXT tanker program is a pre-engineered package that is a combination of the most popular features of Pierce’s dry-side tankers, at a competitive price. Standard features of both the single axle 2,100 gallon and tandem axle 3,000 gallon version include a painted poly water tank with a hosebed perimeter and a section of poly hose bed grating, an aluminum body with integral hard suction hose storage compartment, and roll-up door compartments with LED lighting. 500 or 1,000 gpm PTO driven pumps are available. The FXT tanker is available in the medium or big block Freightliner chassis. 

      Body Styles

      PUMPERS FXP Side Control/
      Top Mount
      Mini Pumper Responder
      Freightliner ? ?   ?
      International   ?    
      Kenworth   ?    
      Peterbilt   ?    
      Ford      ?  


      TANKERS Dry-Side Elliptical FXT Pumper Tanker
      Freightliner ? ?  ? ?
      International  ? ?   ?
      Kenworth  ? ?    ?
      Peterbilt  ? ?    ?


      Utility Wildland/
      Type 3
      Light Rescue ENCORE
      Freightliner   ?   ?
      International   ?   ?
      Kenworth        ?
      Peterbilt        ?
      Ford ?   ? ?