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      Pierce Pumper

      Designed to outperform.



      In your line of work, performance matters. Details matter. At Pierce, we understand that every second on the job counts and we tailer customization to match your requirements. The Pierce pumper body has a variety of body lengths available to provide flexibility. Customers select the body that is right for them to meet the demanding needs of the truck on scene.

      Pierce Pumpers Overview


      Pump House

      Pump Panel: Side Control or Top Mount

      Water Pump: Waterous, Hale, or Darley

      Water Pump Ranges: 500 gpm to 3,000 gpm

      Pump Warranty: 5-yr

      Stainless Plumbing Warranty: 10-yr

      Pump Panel Design: Control Zone and Non-Control Zone customized to meet your needs

      Hose Storage: Crosslays and Speedlays 

      Pierce Pumper Pump Panel

      Storage Solutions