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      Idle Reduction Technology

      Pierce Idle Reduction Technology (IRT)

      Less noise. Fewer emissions. Minimal fuel. And no engine power. 




      Perform on and off the scene, in open and closed spaces, with less wear on firefighters and the truck. Pierce? Idle Reduction Technology pairs automatic diesel engine controls with high-performance lithium-ion batteries and lead-acid batteries.

      Power NFPA 1901 required devices, user-defined mission critical on-scene loads, and HVAC climate control with the main chassis engine shut down for one hour of run time at 150 amps. Featuring built-in safety interlocks and Pierce Command Zone? auto-start for battery power monitoring and engine re-start, departments can work more safely and efficiently without a second thought.


      Lithium-ion batteries for performance, lead-acid batteries for vehicle startup, Pierce Command Zone Multiplexed Electrical System for control

      Touchscreen Display
      Command Zone required to activate or deactivate system

      Safety Interlocks
      Automatic idle reduction system activates when the following conditions are satisfied for 5 minutes:
      ? Cab is lowered & locked
      ? Battery & ignition are on
      ? Vehicle running
      ? PTO or pump not engaged 
      ? Chassis park brake is set
      ? Transmission is in neutral 

      Battery Charging
      Via chassis while operating or dedicated 30-amp power drop at the station

      Less engine wear, lower fuel and DEF fluid usage, reduced soot buildup from idling, less frequent service intervals, lower total cost of ownership

      Emissions Impact
      Zero chassis emissions when operating under lithium-ion power

      Pierce Idle Reduction Lithium-Ion Batteries

      Pierce Idle Reduction Command Zone Screen