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      Online Product Showcase

      Pierce Online Product Showcase

      You Can't Postpone Performance.

      Welcome to Pierce Manufacturing's virtual product and technology showcase featuring company announcements, in-depth walk-around videos of new products, new technology demonstrations and more. 

      Situational Awareness System – Rooftop Enclosure

      Wednesday, May 20

      To optimize deployment speed the Pierce Situational Awareness System by Fotokite is now offered as a rooftop enclosure giving firefighters critical real-time views of a scene. This flexible integration allows for one button deployment and unlimited flight time without the need for a pilot license. Available on new and retrofittable on existing apparatus.

      View the Situational Awareness System product page



      HAAS Alert Collision Mitigation Technology

      Tuesday, May 19

      Further improving safety in the fire industry, our collaboration with HAAS Alert offers collision mitigation technology standard on custom apparatus and as an available aftermarket solution for apparatus currently in service. This technology is offered as two solutions: R2R: Responder-to-Responder Alerts and R2V: Responder-to-Vehicle Alerts.

      Find out more about HAAS Alert Collision Mitigation Technology



      Corrosion Prevention

      Friday, May 1

      To combat fire apparatus corrosion, Pierce Manufacturing is on the forefront of advanced technology: electrodeposition coating (E-Coat). E-Coat is more than just a way to apply primer: it’s a complete process performed in a controlled environment, offered as standard on all custom fire apparatus frame rails. ?

      Find out more about corrosion prevention



      FX Tanker

      Thursday, April 30

      Meet the newly enhanced FX Tanker, now equipped with a 750-1500 gpm Waterous pump in a 28” pumphouse. Stainless steel side and rear air-actuated dumps are packaged within the body panels to provide water off-loading on both sides while maintaining a reduced overall length.

      Find out more about the FX Tanker



      Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) System

      Wednesday, April 29

      Stay vigilant with our quickest, most effective heating ventilation and air conditioning system to date. Now available in the Saber?, Enforcer?, Impel? and Velocity? custom chassis.



      Heavy-Duty Rescue Pumper

      Tuesday, April 28

      The Heavy-Duty Rescue Pumper pairs our 3rd generation body architecture with its large full-height, full-depth compartments to our full line of fire suppression offerings in a traditional pump house to meet your department’s needs in all emergency situations.

      View the Heavy-Duty Rescue Pumper product page



      Idle Reduction Technology

      Monday, April 27

      Less noise. Fewer emissions. Minimal fuel. And no engine power.

      Introducing the Pierce Idle Reduction Technology using high-performance lithium-ion batteries to power your vehicle’s electrical systems while idling at a scene.

      View the Idle Reduction Technology product page



      Join us in our online product showcase featuring new products and technologies to advance the safety, efficiency and effectiveness of firefighters.